Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France .
Mediterranean Sea .

vendredi 20 février 2015

Red Flag

My contribution to WEEK-END REFLECTIONS ,
hosted by James .

6 commentaires:

Mireille a dit…

Comme un p'tit champ de coquelicots sur la mer !
Bisous Malyss.
Belle journée

Pascaline a dit…

Le drapeau saigne ... ou déteint au lavage ! au choix

Mama Zen a dit…

Looks kind of lonely!

Margaret Adamson a dit…

fabulous first shot for reflections

Anonyme a dit…

Symbolic for Nice (in light of what happened in hte news recently in Nice)? Bon weekend!

James a dit…

It looks like a little warning sign that is surrounded by vast and unseen danger. Will people heed the warning or even notice? Or it could mean something entirely different. :-) Super reflections!