Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France .
Mediterranean Sea .

vendredi 7 septembre 2012

bounce and rebounds

Sun is reflecting on the fence,
that's reflecting on windows,
that are reflecting the sea,
where the boat is reflected  ..
This post is linked to WEEK-END REFLECTIONS , a meme hosted by James .

8 commentaires:

James a dit…

Great reflections and light!

Your title makes me think of basketball. J'aime la basket. :)
Your photo is beautiful and makes me dream of having a boat.

Nefertiti a dit…


Sylvia K a dit…

Love the boat and the reflections for the day, Malyss!!

'Tsuki a dit…

Je ne connaissais pas ce nouveau blog : très sympa !

Cette photo avec ces reflets tellement brillants qu'ils en sont aveuglant est vraiment très belle.

Il y a une ambiance un peu magique.

Susan a dit…

Your passion for reflections is obvious in your image and words.

Lorac a dit…

Love the multi-reflections!

NatureFootstep a dit…

I love the beautiful light in this photo. Gives great reflections.

Genie a dit…

What an unusual selection...I love it with the reflections in the water. I am thinks oval thingies are to keep the side of the boat from hitting the dock. Looks like they are hanging from a brass bar. So nice. genie