Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France .
Mediterranean Sea .

samedi 8 septembre 2012

Good Bye

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Dianne a dit…

Heading out ! ... There's something mysterious about mist over a seascape but I'm sure it wasn't long before the mist lifted and your beautiful part of the world took on a different hue.

Gemma Wiseman a dit…

Romantic, misty view! There is a sense of a gentle sadness in this landscape!

Mama Zen a dit…

Beautiful, moody shot!

James a dit…

This brings back the feelings I used to get when I was in the navy. A mix of sadness,happiness,excitement and wonder. Leaving one port but headed toward a new place. Hmm I guess I still do the same on land. :)

Beautiful shot Malyss!

Loredana Donovan a dit…

Melancholic and misty :)

RuneE a dit…

Congratulations with a new blog! Photos of boats are one of my "thinks", so this goes right in among
my favourites.

PS I hope you don't say Good Bye just when you have started it :-)